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Beverly Bell

Beverly Bell was born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area, where music was abundant, thriving and free-flowing. She later moved to San Diego where she currently resides, carrying the sounds, rhythm and energy of Detroit and Chicago with her.

A lifelong artist, formally trained but believing that every artist is self-taught and inspired from within, Beverly’s works have been displayed in galleries throughout Southern California and have subsequently found their way into many private collections.

Her work is as her life; bold, direct and truthful with no hidden messages. These works transcend intellectuality and emotionalism, but retain great feeling, imparting the pure joy of creating and sharing with those can feel the energy...and hear the music.

Beverly Bell is a graduate of San Diego State University
with a degree in Applied Arts.
Scores of classes and workshops too numerous to mention.
She has also studied with such noted artists as Robert Landry and Carl Provder.

She is a member of:
The San Diego Watercolor Society
Carlsbad Oceanside Art League
Escondido Arts Partnership

She has won many awards for her work, both locally and throughout the state of California.

Beverly Bell also accepts consignments, so please feel free to inquire.


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